Automotive Advertising Ideas for February

February… so close to spring you can almost smell it. All those pesky new year’s resolution have gone by the wayside. Cabin fever has set in and folks are ready to get out of the house and spend some money. Let’s help them spend it on a new car.

Car dealer advertising for President's DaySome dealers call Presidents Day the “Black Friday of the Car Business.”

That may be overstating the case, but I do know this much: There will be a lot of folks driving past your store over the next couple of weeks with big, fat juicy checks from Uncle Sam. And, right now, they’re sitting at work, daydreaming about how they’re going to spend the money.

Instant Events wants to help make sure they’re daydreaming about driving home in a new or used vehicle from your dealership.

Of course you’ve still got the Super Bowl kicking off the month which is on the same day as Groundhog Day this year. Coincidence? I think Not. Valentine’s Day mingling with President’s Day Weekend and why do you think that is? Because car buyers LOVE a three day weekend right after they get their tax refund checks… Tax Time is Car Time!

Instant Events has the tools you need to dominate your market all month long – radio, TV, print, direct mail and web graphics all with no long term contracts, no percentage out of your gross and no Bullsh!t…ever.
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