Automotive Advertising Ideas for January

Kickoff To Savings Super Sale Football EventDeadline for Super Bowl Weekend Mailers is Friday, January 10

You’ve still got a couple of days to get a campaign in the mail for Super Bowl Weekend with our Kickoff to Savings Super Sale. It’s your last chance to get in the mail for Super Bowl Weekend.

Not to mention your last chance to mail for as little as 26¢ per piece before the 2014 Postal increase.

Now that’s what you call a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Plus we’ve got radio and TV and newspaper ads and inserts and store decoration material and web banners and anything else you need to make this Super Bowl sale…. well, Super!


Of course, not everyone is thinking about Football. Some folks are thinking about where they’re going to spend their tax refund. Let Instant Events convince them that there’s only one place to spend their hard earned tax refund… with you.

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