Automotive Advertising Ideas for March

March Markdown Madness Mailer SampleMarch is big in the car business.

Cabin Fever gives way to Spring Fever.

Basketball’s March Madness clears the deck for Baseball’s opening day.

The partying is non stop from Mardi Gras to St. Patrick’s Day.

Spring Cleaning starts, the thaw sets in and everything just flows a little better….

And we’re not talking about the rivers. Tax refund checks are still coming in. The checkbooks are opening and the money is starting to fly.

This year let Instant Events help you get your unfair share of spring spending. We’ve got the tools you need to dominate your market:

Radio and TV spots that stand out, get noticed and bring in the traffic.

Newspaper Ads and Inserts that demand attention.

Direct Mail that reaches EVERY household in your market for as little as 26¢ each.

Facebook covers and web banners that follow your best customers around the web until they buy something or file a restraining order.

And event decorations that make your store look like something BIG is going on and drag the traffic in straight off the street like a money magnet!

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