Car Dealers Dominate Local Radio Advertising

Car dealers, dealer groups and the factories were once again the largest single advertiser category for local radio stations this past quarter according to the Radio Advertising BureauCar Dealers Dominate The Spot Radio Market
The Automotive industry spent a combined $353 million on spot radio or nearly double the spending of the next largest category – Grocery and Convenience Stores. And nearly triple the spending of the third largest category – Casinos and Lotteries.

Automotive radio advertising is up 1% over the same period last year following a 27% increase from the first quarter of 2010.

Dealers are on track for good sales year and radio is holding its own in the battle for advertising dollars. Of course that means dealers have to work harder to stand out from their competition. Here’s a few ideas to help make your radio spots jump out of the speakers and demand to be noticed.

Use an Out-of-Town Voice
You can’t dominate the competition if your ads sound just like theirs.

Bunch Your Spots
Frequency is the key to getting noticed on the radio and you get more bang for the same buck by buying the same number of spots and cutting the number of days, weeks, and stations you cram them into. For a big weekend sales event you need to shoot for a spot an hour or more.

Catch Their Attention Early
You’ve got less than 3 seconds to catch their attention before they mentally tune out. You’re trying to reach in market shoppers so make it painfully obvious that this is a car ad in the opening line of the spot.

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse
Listen to your ad from the customer’s point of view and use the “So Freakin’ What?!” rule of thumb. You’ve been in business since the Eisenhower administration? “So Freakin’ What?!”

Don’t tell them about you and your store and your cars. Tell them about how you can cut their monthly payment, put them in a car with better gas mileage and help get their loan approved in 30 minutes or less.

Instant Events has been helping car dealers with radio advertising since the Reagan administration(SFW?). Every spot is custom written, produced and sent directly to your radio station in 24 Hours with no commissions, no long-term contract and no percentage from your gross.


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