Black Friday Sales Events & More

Black Friday Sales for Car DealersIf you can’t beat ’em, join ’em….

Then beat ’em!

For years, discount stores, department stores, electronics stores and the mall have laughed all the way to the bank as customers lined up for a place in line and physically assaulted each other for the chance to hand their credit cards over to a clerk during Black Friday Sales Events.

Instant Events can help bring some of that money spending fervor your way this year with our Black Friday Weekend Sales Event and Lot decoration package. It’s everything you need to make your store look like the Black Friday Place to be… Banner, Balloons, Posters, Hang Tags, Streamers and More.

We’re taking pre-orders now for a limited supply of Black Friday Event Packages so call today and reserve yours at 800-352-3305

Every Instant Events package comes with a newspaper ad shell and event theme artwork that can be used to tie all of your advertising together for extra marketing horsepower. Use the art on your newspaper ad, direct mail, TV even on your web page and Facebook.

Or let Instant Events produce your ads for you.

We’ll give you the most attention grabbing

      Black Friday radio spots
and TV spots in town with 24 hour turnaround and most importantly, no long-term contracts, no commissions and no percentage of your gross.

Take a look at this Thanksgiving TV spot we produced last month for Canadian Thanksgiving which is just like American Thanksgiving except with less football and turkey and more hockey and beer.

Speaking of holiday traditions, sure you can reach them on the tube during half time and TV timeouts, but the real action takes place on the living room floor Thanksgiving afternoon, sifting through the retail inserts.November Newspaper ad for Car Dealers

If you’re ever going to be in the newspaper, Thanksgiving day is the day to do it.

Instant Events can give you action packed, excitement generating Black Friday newspaper inserts that makes the Wal-Mart ads look as exciting as leftover turkey sandwiches in Monday’s lunch.

But you’d better hurry, the deadline is fast approaching for insert delivery and for our giant 11 x 17, one in every mailbox direct mail events.

Instant Events can help your digital marketing efforts with colorful and exciting Facebook cover images and web banners that you can place on your sites, your media partner’s sites, paid display and retargeting campaigns.

Let Instant Events take the hassle out of your holiday advertising so you can do what you do best, sell cars. Call today, start your sell tomorrow – 800-352-3305 or visit online at

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