Car Dealer Advertising in the Toilet?

A trio of enterprising college students have put together a business plan that could revolutionize where car dealers and other local advertisers spend their ad budget.

Car Advertising in the Toilet?

Photo by Kevin Payravi, Wikimedia Commons

We’ve all seen display ads in public bathrooms for years from intricate digital monitor display to black and white copied flyers scotch taped above the urinals, but according to this article in the Detroit Free Press, now dealers can take advertising into their own hands, so to speak, and print their message right on the toilet paper roll.

Start up company Star Toilet Paper supplies many large public venues in Ann Arbor at no cost and prints the ads in a soy based ink, presumably to limit smearing.

And from the “Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department,” the company’s advertising slogan is “Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!”

So how about it dealers? What percentage of your automotive advertising budget will you spend on Toilet Paper ads next year?

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