December, Christmas and Year End Ad Ideas

You’re not alone if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed this time of year.Christmas Sales Events

There’s the holidays and the decorating and the shopping and the parties and so on. But, as if December wasn’t hectic enough, it’s the last month of the year and for most of you 2012 has been the best year you’ve had in what seems like a long, long time.

But best isn’t good enough for the factory, for the boss or for you. It needs to be a little better, and like the old saying goes in the ad business:

The Best Time to Fish Is When They’re Biting.

Instant Events is here to help you close out the year strong, crush a record or two and still have time for a cocktail at the office Christmas Party.

We’ll save you time so you can concentrate on what you do best – Selling cars!

First off there’s the decorating. We can’t come help put up the tree, but we can help change the retail environment of your store with banners, balloons, posters and hang tags that help reinforce your advertising message. Even at Christmas time, if your store doesn’t look like you’re having a sale, you’re not having a sale!

This year Instant Events has added a limited supply of SANTA SALE store decoration packages with 25 foot banners to make your store look like something is really going on. We’ve only got a handful so call before midnight, operators are standing by. But we do have plenty of decorations packages for THE ONCE A YEAR, END OF THE YEAR ALL OUT BLOW OUT and everyone’s favorite holiday classic MEGA RED TAG SALE.

It's The End of The World As We Know It...Of course, if the Mayans were right, we won’t even make it til Christmas. Instant Events has got you covered for that as well. Take a listen to this

      radio spot
offering no payments EVER if it turns out we crash into the sun on December 21st!

We’ve got hard sell TV spots for the holidays and year-end close outs, but time is rapidly running out to get any Direct Mail or Inserts printed so we suggest you call right now!

And we didn’t forget about your internet department, we can help them get in on the festivities with Facebook cover images and custom web banners that follow your best customers around the web like a puppy following little Suzy Who around the table for a scrap of roast beast.

Ho Ho Ho, ya’ll.
Christmas Web Banners
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