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automotive direct mail from 26¢ per piece
Forget about dainty little fake IRS Checks, Instant Events lets you dominate the mailbox with giant 11×17 Direct Mailers….It’s like having two full page newspaper ads to promote your event.

And you never have to worry about whether your mail gets opened. There’s no envelope to get between you and your customer and these badboys are so big and bold, you can practically read them from space.

Direct Mail doesn’t have to be headache. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. And you shouldn’t have to worry whether your big mailout is actually going in the mail or not.

Instant Events will save you time and money, Make your life substantially easier, And help you sell more stuff! Without all the hassle.

We’ve been helping car dealers, powersport dealers, RV dealers, furniture stores and other retailers just like you for over 20 years. We say what we’re gonna do. And we do what we say.

We’ll design your mailer to bring in the maximum traffic for the minimum costs. Print it. Mail it. And Have it in your customer’s mailbox in about a week. All For as little as 26¢ per piece, including postage.

Call Instant Events today at 800-352-3305 for custom direct mail that demands to be opened.

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