Instant Events Co-Founder Terry Lancaster To Speak At NADA 2015

Terry Lancaster to speak at NADA 2015
Everywhere you turn these days in the car business, there’s someone with a new and improved way for dealers to spend money advertising on the internet and the NADA Convention in San Francisco this month will be no exception. Hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and speakers will be there talking about why you should spend money on digital marketing.

But here’s the simple truth: Car Dealers still spend more money on traditional, old school offline marketing than online.



Instant Events Co-founder Terry Lancaster will be presenting two workshops this year at NADA helping dealers understand that any DIGITAL ONLY marketing program is short sighted at best.

TrueCar, Autotrader,, Edmunds and others spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on traditional broadcast advertising all the while encouraging dealers to reallocate ad dollars into digital. It’s a pretty neat trick for them. They build their brand using your money, creating an image and consumer relationships much earlier in the buying cycle so they can get between you and your customers.

Today’s car buyer visits one or two dealerships at best before making a purchase and if they don’t know who you are and what you can do for them BEFORE they start making their shopping list, YOU WON’T BE ON THE LIST.

Traditional INTRUSIVE media like radio and TV reach buyers BEFORE they start shopping, BEFORE they start researching on the internet and BEFORE they fill out lead forms on TrueCar, Autotrader and all the rest of the third party aggregators.

Make plans now to attend one of Terry Lancaster’s two seminars at NADA 2015.

Thursday, January 22nd at 3:45 pm
Saturday, January 24th at 8:30 am

He’ll be showing dealer how they can improve their traditional advertising to drive more traffic, online and offline.

You’ll learn how to craft marketing messages that target the 1% of the market that’s in the market for a new vehicle with urgency and how to influence the other 99% with the power of branding and consistency.

But we’re not in an either/or world anymore. You have to use every tool in the shed to get the job done so we’ll learn how to integrate our traditional and digital marketing messages so that all of our horses are lined up, pulling in the same direction for maximum impact.

Call 800-352-3305 today to schedule time with Terry Lancaster one on one at the convention to learn more about what you can do to build your store’s brand, quit paying the third party aggregators to build their brand and sell more cars in 2015.
Terry Lancaster to speak at NADA 2015