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Just a few short years ago, internet advertising was all about finding the perfect keywords, writing the perfect text ad. Search was king and search was all about the words.

That was then.

Today the internet is driven by images.

You need a constant, ever changing stream of sales, service and brand images for your website, your blog, your digital display campaigns, your remarketing campaigns and, of course, social media.

Internet users spend enormous amounts of time on social media like Facebook. And Facebook was invented as a way to share images.

You need banners. You need ads. You need Facebook covers.You need images that stand out, get noticed and drive traffic to your websites, your phones and your showroom floor.

And Instant Events has been creating the images that car dealers need since the internet was just a gleam in Al Gore’s eye.

Call Instant Events today for high impact internet graphics that get the job done with drop of a hat turnaround times and embarrassingly low prices.

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