Google Retargeting

It kinda seems like the car business has turned into the “leads” business.

automotive-remarketing-chartDealers now spend more money on digital advertising than on any other advertising medium.

If you’re not buying leads directly from the factory and the giant lead providers, then you’re trying to bring in more traffic to your website in the hope visitors will call, click, message, chat or do almost anything to raise their hand and say “look at me, I’m a potential buyer” – a lead.

The web gurus call this a conversion and they spend a great deal of time and money trying to convince you that their websites convert at a much higher rate than the websites designed by their competition.

So what’s your website’s conversion rate? One Percent? Two Percent? Five?

What about the 95 people out of a hundred (or 98 or 99) who visit your website and don’t raise their hand?

You can’t even call them be backs because you didn’t even know they were ever there.

You spent good money to get them to come take a look: $5-$6 a click on Google AdWords – Plus whatever you spend on your website, SEO and social media trying to get your website to rank higher in the search results. And now they’re off to the next dealer’s website and you don’t even have a way to shout, “Hey, let me give you my business card.”

Except that now you do…

Remarketing technology allows you to keep selling to everyone who visits your website whether they leave you their contact info or not.

Here’s how it works:

Each visitor to your website is tagged electronically and added to your marketable audience.

Then, as they browse around anywhere on the internet from their gmail account to YouTube to the websites where they read about sports, celebrity gossip and news, even on many automotive review and pricing sites, each member of your audience is shown your dealership’s remarketing banner ads.

The entire internet is now a giant billboard for and gateway to your dealership – but only for your best potential customers. It’s like running a TV spot on CBS during the Super Bowl and only paying for the people you want to see it.

These are potential buyers who know who you are, live in your area and have expressed an interest in your dealership’s goods and services so they’re much more likely to click through your banner ads onto your site and then spend more time there than other visitors, “bounce” less often and, yes, wait for it, even convert at a higher rate.

But here’s the really, really, really good part.

Even if they don’t do any of that. Even if an audience member never once clicks on your banners, your ads will keep showing up day after day reminding them about your new models from just $199 a month,

About your $19.95 oil change special,

About your guaranteed finance approval regardless of their past credit history,

About your big once a year end of the year all out blow out.

For 540 days you have a direct pipeline into the home, office, smart phone and deep subconscious mind of a specific group of people who are most likely to spend money with your store.

Terry LancasterAnd that’s better than a be back.

Terry Lancaster is the co-founder of Instant Events Automotive Advertising helping dealers get their marketing message out by any means necessary – traditional media, digital media, smoke signals and broadcast telepathy.