January Ad Ideas for Tax Returns, Super Sunday Sales & More!

Your customers work hard for their money. They pay their taxes all year long and they want more for their refund.

For the next 6 weeks the only thing thats going to be on their minds is whether they should buy a new flat screen, pay down the credit card balance or make a down payment on a newer, nicer, more dependable car.

What are you doing to help them decide?

Instant Events can give you the tools you need to get inside their heads, deep, deep down where the buying decisions are made.

We’ve got radio and TV spots with the big voices and the buy right now urgency that gets deals done.tax-time-2

We’ve got newspaper ads and inserts that stand out, get noticed and create activity.

And we’ve got Point of sale material banners, posters, balloons and hag tags that make your store look like something big is going on. Atmosphere creates excitement. Excitement creates enthusiasm. And Enthusiasm closes deals!

Right now we’re working on deadlines for direct mail and inserts for Tax time, the 3 Day Martin Luther King Jr Weekend and Super Sunday.

Here’s an idea: If they are trying to decide between a Flat Screen and a Car, why don’t you just give ’em both! This may be one of the few times where you should think about giving away a premium.

And give them one more reason to buy from you TODAY!

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