Labor Day Sales Events for Car Dealers

This is why Instant Events is in business. Days like today.

It’s Monday morning, the week before Labor Day weekend and somewhere in America, probably in a lot of wheres, there’s a car dealer scrambling to put together the advertising for this weekend.

Don’t worry Instant Events doesn’t judge and we’re not going to give you any long lectures about planning ahead and media calendars and quarterly projections.

Here’s what we are going to do: we’re going to give you the marketing tools you need to have the biggest Labor Day Weekend Sales Event in the history or your store all with no media commission, no long-term contract and not one thin dime in sales commissions or percentage of your gross.

If you’re going on the radio or TV, but every time the station make up an ad for you it has all the excitement of lukewarm vanilla pudding, call Instant Events at 800-352-3305. We’ll produce, the biggest, loudest, most exciting radio or TV spot in town… the kind that demands to be noticed. The kind that creates excitement and traffic… Best of all it’s the kind that can be at the station, on the air tomorrow. That’s what the Instant in Instant Events is all about.

Labor Day Newspaper Ad for Car Dealers

Labor Day Newspaper Ad

If you’re scheduled to run a couple of big newspaper ads this week, but are dreading to see what kind of homemade dreck the sales rep is going to bring by for a proof, keep Instant Events on speed dial – 800-352-3305. We’ll give you the best looking ad in the paper, period. Hands down. And we’ll have it back to you, fully finished and ready to go. probably before your newspaper rep ever even returns your call.

If you need web banners and graphics for your web site, Facebook page or Google AdWords campaigns, we can do that to. And all it takes is a phone call.

You pay only for what you need and there’s never, ever any long-term contracts or commission charges.

It’s not too late to put together the sale you need for this weekend. Call Instant Events today at 800-352-3305 and start your Labor Day Sales Event tomorrow.

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