Sale In A Box from Instant Events | If Your Dealership Doesn’t Look Like You’re Having A Sale, You’re Not!

You could spend all the money in the world on radio and TV spots screaming big sale, send out 100,000 direct mail pieces to every warm body in the county, shout from the roof tops ’til you’re blue in the face trying to infect people with a little dose of car fever, make them emotional enough to ignore their logical excuses and to make them excited enough to take action….NOW!
But the reality of your dealership has to match the perception all the SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY monster truck announcers created in customer’s minds. If they drive onto your sales lot and it looks like it’s just another Thursday afternoon, their logical brain will start whispering doubts in their emotional mind’s ear.

That’s where Instant Events automotive sale events packages come in. It’s got everything you need to make your car dealership look like there’s something big going on – banners, balloons, posters, hang tags, pennants and more! It’s like a giant sale in a box.

When it comes to affecting how people choose to part with their hard-earned money, two plus two doesn’t always equal four. The sum should be greater than its parts.

Instant Events can help make sure that your advertising, your salespeople and the atmosphere in your dealership are all pulling in the same direction for added marketing horsepower! Every Instant Event sales kit comes with A FREE Theme Ad Shell and Art Element Files to use in the newspaper, direct mail and your Facebook and web pages.

Choose from any of our time-tested and battle proven sales event themes in stock now for immediate delivery.

Call Instant Events today and start your sale tomorrow. 800-352-3305

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