13 Wicked Good Sales Ideas for October

It’s the final quarter, baby.

Welcome to October in the car business, the perfect storm of car dealer advertising, situated right smack in the middle of the model year-end closeouts and the closeout countdown to the year-end, year-end. The 2015’s are arriving daily and the 2014’s have got to go!

Instant Events is just a phone call away, waiting to help you spend less time working on advertising and more time counting ’em down and moving ’em out.

Price Slasher Sales,

      Midnight Madness
and Monster Sales are always Halloween favorites and the perfect chance to kick the quarter off strongAutomotive Direct mail from Instant Eventswith attention grabbing Automotive Direct Mail campaigns that reach every home in your market at a fraction of the cost the competition charges. 11 x 17 full color mailers priced as low as 26¢ per piece. And with our drop of hat turnaround we can get your direct mail campaign in the mail for events all month long.

Of course, If your lot doesn’t look like you’re having a big sale, you’re not!

Dress up the store and pump up the enthusiasm with Instant Event Lot Decoration Packages that have everything you need to make your store look like something big is going on: Banners, Balloons, Posters, Pennants, Hang Tags and more.

Plus every event package come with a fill in the blank ad shell and event theme art packages so that all your printed and digital advertising matches the banners hanging on your walls. That way all of your marketing messages are on the same page, pulling in the same direction.

midnight madness newspaper ad for car dealersWe can help kick up your advertising horsepower with Radio and TV spots that reach across the airwaves and demand to be noticed. Fully customized print ads and car dealer newspaper inserts that grab buyers attention.

Plus automotive internet marketing that goes way beyond 25 character search ads. Instant Events can help turn the entire internet into one giant multi media billboard for your dealership – from your local media websites, to Facebook, Google and almost any websites your customers visit.

Talk about Spooky… we’ll latch onto your best prospects and follow them around the web until they either buy a car or file a restraining order for stalking!

Call Instant Events today and start your sale tomorrow. 800-352-3305.

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