Sales Management Super Conference Recap

Terry Lancaster at The Sales Management Super Conference

Mat Koenig, Gary May and Terry Lancaster in his lounge wear at the Super Conference

Did you ever have that dream where you find out at the last minute you have one more exam to take or else you can’t graduate and you show up for the exam in your pajamas?

Well, that happened to me this month at Jim Ziegler’s Sales Management Super Conference, except I was in flip flops and a bowling shirt… I should have grabbed a robe from my hotel room and gone Full Dude.

After multiple weather delays and cancelled flights, I managed to make it to Dallas in time for the opening morning presentations from Jim Ziegler and Sean V. Bradley, two heavyweight speakers and world class presenters. I made it. My luggage didn’t. I spent all of day 1 in my travel clothes, repeating the same joke about waiting on my big boy pants to show up and calling the airport every half hour trying to track down my luggage.

Through it all, I managed to learn from a number of automotive industry experts and superstars. Mark Tewart is a powerful speaker and Mat Koenig puts on a video/technology presentation that blurs the line between Big Tent Revival preaching, Rock Concert Pyrotechnics and PeeWee’s Playhouse all while spraying tommygun rounds of useful, actionable info.

Day 1 wrapped up with a moving testimonial from Tammie LeBleu, the number two Nissan Salesperson in America – Number 1 in Bossier City, LA. Tammie’s story glorifies the power of redemption, hard work, faith, family and a good CRM system.

Day 2 brought all star performances from David Blassingame who moves 4,000 high line pre-owned vehicles a year through his independent dealership and Bill Wittenmyer who went from selling ONE car his first month as a car salesman to building tools and technology that help average salespeople create awesome results

In fact the underlying theme of the entire conference “Marry Your CRM.”

Terry Lancaster Speaking At Super ConferenceFinally, after a day and a half of watching the car business’ best and brightest light up the stage, I got my chance to step up and spread the gospel of traditional advertising. The hows and the whys of the average US dealer spending $25,000 a month a radio, TV, Print and Direct Mail, which works out to 3 times more than they spend on digital advertising.

The overall theme of the event ended up meshing nicely with my subject matter because most internet leads were already looking for you when they found you and the best CRM in the world isn’t worth a nickel until you’ve got a name to enter.

Digital Marketing picks the low hanging fruit, but traditional advertising shakes the trees.

The Sales Management Super Conference wrapped up on Day 3 with a session from the Alpha Dawg himself on how to work a car deal and how to handle the F & I interview for maximum profit.

Jim’s putting together a new event now in Seattle for this summer. Make plans early.

Terry Lancaster and Jim Ziegler

highlight of the Event: Meeting The Man!

Terry LancasterTerry Lancaster is the VP of Making Sh!t Happen at Instant Events Automotive Advertising, father of 3 teenage daughters and a Beer League Hockey All Star, as if there could ever be such a thing. You can connect with Terry on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.