Warehouse 2 for 1 Sale

warehouse sale
I’m not sure if it counts as SPRING CLEANING if you only do it once every 15 years or so, but we did it. We decided it was time to give the old warehouse a good once over… and boy did it need it.

But after the sweeping and the dusting and getting all the STAR SPANGLED SALE A BRATION POSTERS separated from the INVENTORY REDUCTION POSTERS we realized that wasn’t going to be enough. We’ve got literally a TON of mix matched odds and ends – Posters, Hang Tags, Post Cards, Banners. Some from discontinued event themes. Some from themes that we’ve redesigned.

Now we could have recycled them or sent them to a remote village in Africa the way they do with Super Bowl T shirts from the losing team, but we figured some car dealer, somewhere could get some use out of them so we decided to have a BIG OLE WAREHOUSE BLOWOUT 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE PLUS A DOLLAR (MORE OR LESS) SALE.

We’ll sell them to you 2 for 1, half price, or heck if you ask really, really nicely we might just give some of the stuff to you. Call me now at 800-352-3305 and let’s talk about what we’ve got, what you need and what it’s gonna take to get the deal done!
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