Why Traditional Media Still Matters

Car dealers spend three times more money on traditional media than they do on digital advertising.

Three times more on Radio, TV, Direct Mail and Newspapers.

Car Dealer on TV CommercialA Billion a year on radio
A Billion a year in the local paper
A Billion a year in the mail
A Billion and a HALF a year on local TV
and right at three quarters of a billion each and every year on balloons and blue gorillas.

And here’s the most interesting statistic: Over the last 10 years, while digital advertising has become the belle of the ball, dealer ad budgets have INCREASED in every one of the above media – except one, newspaper.

The death of traditional media has been greatly exaggerated.

Thousands of successful, fiercely independent auto dealers vote every day with their checkbooks and they’ve decided that radio, TV, direct mail AND even the newspaper are valuable propositions that can help them increase their business.

Now maybe the internet and mobile technology will put all the other media out of business, but they said radio would put the newspapers out of business and they said TV would put radio out of business and they said cable would put TV out of business. And yet, they’re all still open for business.

A lot of folks spend a lot of time talking about the way things ought to be, but I’ve never made a dime off the way things ought to be. I’m much more interested in the way things are. And right now, dealers still spend a lot of money on traditional media.

It’s my job to help them get their money’s worth.

That’s why I’m coming to speak at Jim Ziegler’s Sales Management Super Conference, May 13th-15th in Dallas.

Jim’s got 20 rock star speakers lined up covering every aspect of Automotive sales management and training, well 19 rock stars and one opening act – moi!

I’ll be there to talk about the tens of thousands of dollars you spend each and every month on radio, TV, direct mail and print and give you dozens of ideas to help you create eye-catching, attention grabbing and traffic generating ads that reel in the traffic without breaking the bank.

I’ll see you in Tejas!

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Terry LancasterTerry Lancaster is the VP of Making Sh!t Happen at Instant Events Automotive Advertising. He’s never spoken at a dealer conference before, but he did have the lead role in his first grade Christmas play. You can connect with Terry on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.